Kim Kardashian Thinks She’s Elizabeth Taylor

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Lindsay Lohan has a well-documented obsession with legendary actress, singer, sex symbol and trainwreck Marilyn Monroe. Now Kim Kardashian is angling to be the new Elizabeth Taylor. Right. TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian just dropped $65k to outbid a gang of serious jewelry nuts for 3 unbelievable jade and diamond bracelets that used to belong to Elizabeth Taylor … TMZ has learned. Taylor’s entire collection of rare and expensive jewelry was auctioned off in NYC this week for a whopping $116 MILLION … and Kim was one of the bidders. Sources close to KK tell TMZ … Kim idolized Taylor — especially after Kim did a magazine interview with Liz for a project shortly before her death. So when Kim saw LT’s 3 jade and diamond Lorraine Schwartz bangle bracelets on the auction block, she snatched ’em up for a cool $64,900. We’re told Kim believes jade harnesses energy … and now that she owns the bracelets, KK feels she will share a deeper connection to the Hollywood icon.

While Elizabeth Taylor got a lot of shit for her multiple marriages, please bear in mind that she’s one of the most iconic film actresses of all time, one of the most beautiful creatures to grace this earth, and was renowned for her charity work (that she didn’t hire camera crews to photograph her doing). Kim Kardashian is famous for getting a C-list hop-hop star to ejaculate and excrete on her, then turning it into a mind numbing TV series, a plastic face, a train of black dick, an empire of shady business deals, and a fake marriage. If she really wants a deeper connection to Liz, she just needs people to start digging.