Jason Sudeikis Is A Mystical Warlock

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Jason Sudeikis is on SNL and has appeared in such horrific movies as Hall Pass and Horrible Bosses. His last name is also “Sudeikis”. Now that you’ve read that, please know that he is now banging Olivia Wilde. You know, after he was the first person to believed to be the father of January Jones‘ baby because he was banging her, too. DEAR GOD, MAN. Us Magazine reports:

A source tells the new Us Weekly — on stands Friday — that Wilde, 27, and Sudeikis, 36, haven’t been shy about their new romance. The SNL funnyman brought Wilde to the show’s afterparty at NYC’s Loi on Dec. 4. “They walked in holding hands,” says a source. “She’s come to the [SNL] studio at Rockefeller Center, and they’ve gone out to dinner after rehearsals,” adds an insider.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper should be pulling this kind of ass, but since they’re gay, Sudeikis is repeatedly outkicking his coverage and banging every hot, available vagina in Hollywood. I can’t wait for his autobiography where he talks about the time he buried those Swedish models in Vegas while titty fucking Kate Upton.