Kris Humphries Has A Man Cave

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Kris Humphries was slated to appear on a DIY network show about man caves, and Kim Kardashian was slated to appear with him. Maybe the second billing (in addition to, you know, being a sham) is why their marriage ended. TMZ reports:

Kris Humphries is gearing up to reenter the bachelor scene after his split with Kim Kardashian … and TMZ has learned he’s already re-pimped out his Minnesota pad … with the help of a former NFL star. Sources connected to Kris tell us … Humphries recently hooked up with ex-Baltimore Ravens stud Tony Siragusa for an episode of the DIY network show “Man Caves” We’re told the original plan was to build a custom man cave for Kris where a married guy could escape for a little “man time “… and Kim was even supposed to participate in the episode. But after the split, we’re told Kris told producers to go back to the drawing board … and gave orders to design the ultimate bachelor pad room for a single guy on the rebound. We’re told Goose and contractor Jason Cameron came up with a “chill lounge” concept — complete with a couple of bars, liquor dispensers and a wall that transforms into a 120 inch projection screen.

Liquor dispensers and a projection screen twice my size? I was going to make a remark about how appropriate it is for someone who looks like a troglodyte to have a cave, but fuck it. I’m too busy trying to get invited over for Monday Night Football.