Lindsay Lohan Killed Heath Ledger, Will Debut Playboy Shots on Ellen

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It’s cool, I woke up nauseous anyway. RadarOnline reports:

In a world exclusive, Star has obtained the private memoir of the 25-year-old actress penned at the time of the Brokeback Mountain star’s death in which she professed her love for the actor. “Today Heath died,” Lindsay wrote with a pink pen on January 22, 2008. “I’m in love with him…. He was the love of my life. He taught me so much, and he was everything I’ve ever wanted and more. “I want to hear him laugh and hold me. I crave his touch and care.” The couple were so close that the Mean Girls star was even planning to visit Ledger in New York City just days after he died from an overdose of prescription drugs, Star exclusively reveals in the new issue. Lindsay, who has famously battled her own demons with drugs and drink, broke down in tears when she heard the news that Heath had died. “When a person dies the world stops. I’m numb,” she wrote. In a 2008 phone conversation obtained by, Lohan’s mom, Dina, told dad Michael that their daughter was “dating Heath when he died.”

Wasn’t Heath Ledger banging the ugly Olsen twin when he died, too? Based on what she put Samantha Ronson through, this was probably Heath’s only way out.

Meanwhile, Ms. Meth is going to give another lesbian first dibs on seeing her maybealmostnotquite naked. Via the New York Daily News:

The honor of getting a first peek at Lindsay Lohan’s nearly-nude photos in Playboy this month goes to Ellen DeGeneres. The vivacious talk show host was chosen over all other print and broadcast outlets to debut Lohan’s long-awaited spread in the lad mag, according to a publicist for Playboy. “Lindsay has agreed to do one media interview during the on-sale period of her issue, and has chosen Ellen,” the rep told the Daily News. “Lindsay will not be doing any additional interviews to promote her pictorial.” Lohan, who is rumored to be scoring a $1 million paycheck for posing in the magazine, will channel the late and troubled Marilyn Monroe in the photos. “It’s a classic tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe, a portion of which was the original playmate which was in the original issue of Playboy,” Hefner told “The Insider” of the shots. “The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful,” Lohan’s rep said at the time.

I don’t remember Marilyn Monroe having wrinkles in her 20s or teeth that look like the tiles in a crackhouse bathroom, but whatever. Marilyn Monroe was a pretty well-documented whore, but that’s about where Lindsay Lohan’s and her similarities stop. If Lindsay wants to overdose on barbiturates like her idol, that’s cool too. I just really hope she doesn’t wait til she’s 36.