Adrianne Curry Is On Twitter With Something Else Now

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Adrianne Curry, best known as the first winner of the reality television series America’s Next Top Model and being able to take pictures of her boobs at any angle and in any situation then posting them on Twitter, is now now posting pics of her ass now. Oh good. She says:

Behold! Thanksgiving put meat in more places than just my mouth…hahahaha. my ass seems2have grown

If you’re a psychology major and read her Twitter feed, you could write your thesis on it, because it’s obvious that all this chick wants is attention in any form she can get hoping that one day she’ll be loved. But it’s hard to take her seriously when she posts pics like this. Just like the time I posted my 10th place trophy I won in the Miniature Golf Championships last year. So what if I had to make it myself with a golf ball and some stuff I got at Michaels? That’s really beside the point. Oh, please. Who are you, Tiger Woods all of a sudden? YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MY LIFE!!