Kris Humphries Is Getting The Hang Of This

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Kris Humphries wants to void his prenup, but not for the reason you think. Radar Online reports:

The NBA star formally filed a response Thursday in the divorce proceedings that Kardashian initiated after only 72 days of marriage. Humphries wants the marriage annulled on the grounds of “fraud.” It’s a brilliant strategic move because by seeking to have the marriage annulled, Humphries can request that the prenup be tossed, primarily so he won’t be muzzled by the confidentiality agreement. “The confidentiality aspect of the prenup is extensive and was created just in case things went bad, neither Kim nor Kris could discuss their relationship to the media. But now, Kris wants to be able to talk about the relationship without fear of being sued,” a source close to the situation tells

Read: He wants to be able to make money for interviews, just like his erstwhile urinal did. Meanwhile, TMZ reports that the real reasons for Kris wanting an annulment are less greedy, more godly:

Sources directly connected to Kris tell us … the BBaller has deep-seeded feelings — rooted in religion — against divorce. He’s filed for an annulment because it wipes the slate clean by erasing the marriage. If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, we’ve learned Kris will then ask for a legal separation that will extend indefinitely. He feels even though an indefinite separation would preclude him from marrying again, it’s preferable to divorce. The legal experts we’ve spoken with say … unless Kris can prove with “clear and convincing evidence” Kim defrauded him into marrying her … the judge will almost certainly grant her divorce petition.

That’s going to be a tough case to prove, but considering Kris Humphries looks like he stepped out of a Geico commercial cum sitcom, it may work for him. All he has to do it convince a judge that yes, he is the only living creature that believes reality TV is real.