Kim Kardashian Has No Friends

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No one likes sluts. Radar Online reports:

Kim Kardashian might want to have a chat with her close friends, because has exclusively learned that the reality star’s inner circle has been talking to her estranged hubby, Kris Humphries. Kardashian filed for divorce on October 31 after 72-days of marriage from her NBA hubby. The former couple wed last August in an estimated $17 million dollar wedding at a posh estate outside of Santa Barbara. Kim is reeling from the public backlash from her decision to split from Kris, and our source tells us that she has shut out those close to her. “Kim would be LIVID if she found out that two of her friends have been talking to Kris, as recently as late Sunday night. Kim’s inner circle was shocked that she decided to end her marriage, and that Kris has essentially been disposed of. Her former friend’s have been shut out of Kim’s life since the decision was made to file for divorce, which has been shocking to her former BFF’s. Kim’s pals also feel that they are disposable in the Kardashian world, even more insulting to them is they have known Kim for over 10 years,” a source close to the situation tells us. As previously reported, Brittny Gastineau, Kim’s very close friend, caught the bouquet at the over the top nuptials; she’s left messages and phone calls for the E! star, but Kim hasn’t returned one phone call yet. Lisa Gastineau, Brittny’s mom told us, “Britt has always been a great friend to Kim.” “The contact between Humphries and Kim’s posse haven’t been bashing her, rather, the girls are offering their support to Kris. They feel bad for him, and are giving him advice on how to move forward,” the insider says.

I just assumed Kim Kardashian’s friends were hired extras. In any case, I don’t blame them for siding with Kris. Not only is she a massive waste of human life and resources, but it’s also a bit rude to not return all those toasters and puppy pads when her marriage was that short-lived.