Other People Showed Up To The American Music Awards Too

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Alanis Morrisette was there for some reason. She’s Canadian and not that relevant anymore, but she used to bang Ryan Reynolds for a long time, so she gets a pass.

It almost makes sense that Audrina Patridge showed up, because her story line in The Hills involved her pretending to work for a record label and staring at the ceiling a lot.

Heidi Klum is still taking one for the team and banging Seal. She can do what she wants.

Jenny McCarthy has no discernible talent when she wears dresses like this. Al Qaeda: 2

Katherine Heigl took a break from making shitty movies and complaining about how hard it is to stand on an ‘X’ and recite lines that someone else wrote for her to remind us that she exists. Al Qaeda: 3

I guess craft services had churros.

Katy Perry won a special achievement award for being the first female artist to have five number 1 singles from a single album despite sounding like a cat being skinned every time she opens her mouth. Al Qaeda: 4