Kim Kardashian Is Trying To Shut Up Her Ex-Publicist

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Because when you “marry for love” like Kim Kardashian said she did, you immediately file for divorce 72 days later then unleash your lawyers on anyone and everyone who might say you did it for $20 million because you’re a whore who finger bangs herself to ATM receipts.

Gossip Cop

Jaxson, not surprisingly, is now trying to sell a book about his career in publicity and working with celebrities, including Kardashian. A few things bear mentioning. Jaxson, by his own account, stopped working for Kardashian back in 2009 — about two years before the reality star met and married Humphries. And Jaxson last week told a radio show, “She never paid me,” so he seems to have an axe to grind. Now he may face some legal problems, we’re told, because he had a confidentiality agreement with Kardashian. Jaxson claims, however, “I never signed it.” Regardless, Kardashian’s ace attorney Marty Singer tells Gossip Cop, “We filed an Arbitration with the American Arbitration Association seeking $200,000 and an injunction” to stop Jaxson from yapping about her. Equally significant, Singer says Jaxson “was never Kim’s publicist.”

Whatever. Fuck this bitch. this guy can say whatever he wants. Just like Colin Firth said he has a private island where he hunts and rapes refugee Haitian children. What? He didn’t say that? Haha, well it’s out there now! Your move, Colin!