Nicki Minaj Is Vain

I think she’s doing it wrong. Radar Online says:

Following her verbal beat-down of a maid, outrageous hip hop star Nicki Minaj has unleashed a vicious tirade on celebrity facialist Dawn DaLuise, Star magazine has exclusively revealed. “After I waxed her eyebrows and lip, she started screaming ‘Who the f**k do you think you are?’” DaLuise exclusively told Star. “‘Look what you did to my damn face! You think this sh*t is worth 170 dollars?’” The beauty expert, who owns Dawn DaLuise Skin Refinery in Los Angeles, said she had never been treated so badly in her life, as she detailed how the pink-haired Super Bass singer threw wads of bills at her and stormed out. “It’s a shame when you see a darling girl turn into a temperamental diva,” DaLuise said. It’s not the first time Minaj has acted strangely during a pampering appointment. DaLuise recalled how on a prior occasion, “I arrived at her condo one afternoon, her eyes were dilated, her wig was falling off, her face was covered in red sores and she was perspiring heavily.

In Nicki Minaj’s defense, $170 seems pricey for something she could get done for $13 in a Korean neighborhood, but I’m not sure why this behavior is surprising to anyone. Nicki Minaj leaves her house looking like the banner photo everyday then sings about how everyone wants to fuck her, so it’s clear her judgment may not be the best. Unless her aesthetician used battery acid, I don’t see what the big deal could’ve been. At least she didn’t turn out like this.