Kim Kardashian Just Got Paid For A Reunion Special

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After the world has fully realized that her E!-sponsored wedding and everything involved with it was nothing more than a loveless money grab, Kim Kardashian is now in damage control mode where she flew to Kris Humphries house in Minnesota in an possible attempt to reconcile. Complete with paparazzi photos and a released statement. Because, you know, that’s really the only way to do things. Radar Online reports:

Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries and the pastor who officiated at the couple’s August wedding met for two hours Sunday at Humphries’ Minnesota home, has confirmed. Pastor Joel Johnson, who is Kris’ hometown minister, spent two hours with the estranged pair at Humphries’ lavish lakefront home. As previously reported, Kim flew overnight from Los Angeles for the gathering. She arrived in Minneapolis at 5:30 am. Kim was seen making several emotional phone calls from the home’s porch, and Pastor Johnson declined to answer reporters questions about how the couple is doing. NBA player Kris, who went back to his Minnesota home when Kim filed for divorce last Monday, looked weary and stressed. There’s no word yet if the meeting was to try and facilitate a reconciliation or just to help them both get through the divorce process with as much civility as reality TV allows.

I could rant on this for a while and dissect everything that you probably already know, but really more concerned that my lunch hasn’t been delivered yet. The Asian lady said “my order ready ten minute” then immediately hung up. That was 20 minutes ago. Is the time change? I’m confused.