Michael Lohan Got Arrested

Oh, and he had chest pains. TMZ says:

Michael Lohan is cooling his ass in a Tampa jail this morning after getting arrested on suspicion of domestic violence charges.Tampa Police arrested Lindsay Lohan’s dad at 1:10AM ET after they responded to reports of a fight between Michael and a live-in girlfriend. Law enforcement sources confirm it was Lohan’s on again-off again GF Kate Major. Now this part is classic Lohan: We’re told Michael complained of chest pains when he was taken into custody — so police took him to a hospital. We’re told Michael was treated, and then was attempting to slip out of the hospital on his own — until an officer spotted him, hauled him down to jail and booked him for the alleged domestic violence. Tampa PD’s website lists him as still in custody. Michael was last arrested for domestic violence by LAPD back in March after an alleged fight with then-GF Kate Major. Interestingly, he also complained of chest pains during that arrest.

Between a mother that takes her to bars and a dad that smacks up his girlfriend then becomes a flight risk, it’s clear where Lindsay Lohan learns her strong sense of responsibility and moral righteousness. And also the right way to clean her glass pipe. That black residue can get really annoying.