Everyone Hates Lindsay Lohan

Even people who don’t matter don’t want to be associated with Lindsay Lohan. Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan spent last weekend pursuing the lead singer of Foster the People. On Saturday, LiLo followed the hip band to West Hollywood’s Beverly Lounge, was seen lurking around frontman Mark Foster and tried to crash the band’s table. A spy said, “Mark turned his back every time Lindsay came to the table to talk. He did not want to be associated with her.” The band did mingle with celebs including Nicky Hilton, Michael Bay and Dane Cook.

To reiterate, Foster the People–who are just barely semi-famous because they sound like your parents’ interpretation of Williamsburg, Brooklyn–would rather be associated with Kenny G, Paris Hilton’s less famous and slightly less diseased sister, the producer of fine art like Transformers, and Dane “If I Yell and Move Around Enough They Won’t Notice I Stole This From Louis C.K.” Cook than with Lindsay Lohan. I’d go into this further, but I think this pretty much sums it up.