Lindsay Was Late Because She “Couldn’t Find The Entrance”

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Lindsay Lohan couldn’t last 24 hours before fucking up and not doing the one thing Judge Stephanie Sautner specifically asked her to do, but at least she has a good excuse.

Lindsay Lohan was 20 minutes late for her first day of court ordered community service at the Los Angeles County Morgue, because she couldn’t find the entrance to the building, is reporting. “Lindsay arrived at the morgue approximately 20 minutes late and will be returning for orientation tomorrow. Her lateness was due to a combination of not knowing what entrance to go through and confusion caused by the media waiting for her arrival. Lindsay spoke with the supervisors at the morgue, they showed her how to get in and everything is all cleared up,” Lindsay’s rep, Steve Honig tells

Actually, she was forty minutes late, but Lindsay wants everyone to know that she’s good now and knows that “ENTRANCE” is Middle French meaning “power or permission to enter : admission”. She tweeted this today.

“With all of the stress and pressure from yesterday and today, I’ve never been so happy to go to therapy!!!! Also, I’m sorry for the confusion that I may of caused to those at the Coroner’s office. Won’t happen again, now I know where to go! Thank you for your help.”

However, back in reality where everything that you just read is complete bullshit, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter was interviewed and saLINDSAY HAD BEEN THERE BEFORE AND WAS GIVEN STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS ON WHERE TO GO. TMZ reports:

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter thinks Lindsay Lohan’s latest excuse — that she was late to the morgue because she had trouble finding the entrance to the Coroner’s office — is a big pile of dog crap. As we reported, Lindsay’s publicist just released a statement — claiming Lindsay’s tardiness was “due to a combination of not knowing the entrance to go through and confusion caused by the media waiting for her arrival.” But Winter just told reporters — there’s no way Lindsay was confused about anything … because she’s been to the Coroner’s office before. And, Winter claims, the Coroner’s office even went out of its way to avoid confusion — giving the actress specific step-by-step directions on where to go.

I can’t wait until Lindsay shows up late tomorrow. It will be sad to hear that her grandma just died for the sixth time. Wait, did I say grandma? I meant grandpa! No, grandma! Shit, I meant uncle! It was totally her uncle!