Lindsay Didn’t Show Up To The Morgue This Morning

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Well. That didn’t take long. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is going to be turned away from the L.A. County Morgue today, because she was late. Sources at the morgue tell TMZ … Lindsay was scheduled to be at the morgue at 8 AM. At 7:40, Lindsay’s assistant called to say they were 10 minutes away. By 8:20, she was still a no-show. So officials at the Coroner’s Office have decided if Lindsay eventually shows up they will turn her away. And it gets way worse for Lindsay. We’re told the Coroner’s Office will notify Probation’s Volunteer Center — which monitors her probation — that Lindsay screwed up again, and the judge will then be notified.

I…I…I really have no words for this. So, chair kangaroo lamp coffee desk pen crayon turtle phone sword. See? But I’m still almost positive that makes more sense than whatever the fuck is going through Lindsay’s head.