Charlie’s Angels Got Canned

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Sorry to all three of you who watched it. The LA Times reports:

Goodbye, Charlie: “Charlie’s Angels” is joining the cancellation club after four episodes. The news comes a day after ABC announced full-season pickups for freshman series “Suburgatory” and “Revenge.” The network’s attempt at revamping the 1970s campy series with Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor as three young female detectives in Miami proved futile. The series brought in 8.7 million viewers with its Sept. 22 premiere, but the numbers dropped from there. Thursday’s episode garnered 6 million viewers, a marginal increase from the previous week. Production has already shut down on the series, and remaining episodes will air until the network decides what will fill the time slot.

When will people realize that the original show was only half-decent because there wasn’t Internet porn in the ’70s? Any and all reboots are doomed to fail. The movie remake did less for Demi Moore than Sarah Leal did, so I’m not sure why they thought this one would work out. Since developing an actual acting ability is a lot of work, in order to maintain relevance and a spot as filler on this site, expect Minka Kelly to start banging Derek Jeter again in 3… 2…