Kris Humphries Wants To End Civilization

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Kris Humphries is in a rush to have kids. The New York Daily News reports:

Kim Kardashian has only been married for a little over a month, but husband Kris Humphries is already planning to start their family. In a new clip from E!’s two-night wedding special,”Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event,” the New Jersey Nets player, 26, is seen urging his new wife to start settling down and having babies after they tie the knot. “Maybe you should just move to Minnesota with me,” Humphries says to Kardashian. “We could move into my little place on the lake, we could just start popping out babies.”

Of course Kris Humphries wants to breed as soon as he can. Based on his fivehead, other than he and Rihanna, I’m pretty sure his species is extinct.