Lindsay Lohan Wanted A Free Ride

Lindsay Lohan took a break from drunk driving, but she didn’t even do that right. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan is being sued for not paying her limo bill … but here’s the fun part. She racked up a $90,000 bill! Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services claims Lindsay rode with them from February 2009 to May 2009. Elite claims Lindsay also booked limos for her friends and family.Some of the payments show a $6,000 an hour rate, which also includes security. As for payments … well, Elite says she pulled a Lindsay. And with penalties and late charges, the $33,978 bill has now swelled to $90,585.79.

I don’t understand why this limo company expects Lindsay to pay them ninety grand when she skipped out on paying $2,500 for a necklace and claims financial hardship as a reason she can’t go to her court-ordered therapy. I don’t understand how Lindsay will be able to pin this on the paparazzi (even though she inevitably will). I don’t understand why she warrants a limo to begin with, considering she’s blacklisted from most high class establishments and is only famous for failing drug tests. And drug tests don’t even have algebra. I don’t understand algebra, either. Or parallel parking, but I think that’s just because I’m a woman.