“Can You See My Boobs? I Want To Make Sure Everybody Sees My Boobs.”

I know you’re gonna find this hard to believe, but Chrsitina Hendricks showed up to the Emmys last night in a dress to show off her gigantic rack to get you disoriented and make you forget what the rest looks like. And who had the idea to make a deathly pale ginger pose in front of white and gold background? Is she supposed to be stunning or camouflaged?

Note: Being a woman automatically means you have self-esteem and body issues, but please keep in mind this is her husband. He must have tied a Twinkie to a string and made her chase it. Then he saved her life when she swallowed the ring he stuffed inside. Then he proposed. Then she finished the Twinkie. It’s a pretty touching story when you really think about it.