Justin Timberlake Might’ve Sent Dick Pictures

Mila Kunis’s cellphone was hacked, likely by the same person who hacked Scarlett Johansson’s. There was a picture of a dick on it. TMZ reports:

Justin Timberlake wants to make it clear — the explicit picture on Mila Kunis’ cell phone — showing a penis — is NOT J.T. — this according to a source close to Justin. TMZ broke the story … Mila’s cell phone was hacked, and two of the pics the hackers seized showed Justin — one laying in bed, the other showing Justin with a pair of pink panties over his head. There is another pic of a penis but that’s it — there’s no torso, no face … and Justin has made it clear to people close to him — he NEVER sent such a pic to Mila or to anyone for that matter.

A few other outlets said that whoever’s peen it was isn’t well-endowed, so if it’s Justin’s, it’s a good thing there was no face attached. The only good that might come out of it would be for SNL to churn out a Lonely Island remix called “Dick In a Matchbox.”