Jessica Lowndes Does FHM South Africa

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I really don’t think it’s a big secret that if I was walking on the beach and found a genie lamp, my first wish would be a threesome with Jessica Lowndes and Ashley Greene. Then my second wish would be for them to make me a sandwich. Then my third wish would be for them to be quiet for 15 minutes. God, you can’t shut up for 15 minutes? What’s so important? Huh? What’s so important? Oh, you’re gonna walk away now? If it’s so important let’s hear it. Your cat have another dream? You can’t find anything to wear in your three closets? You hit that parked car because it jumped out in front you? What? By the way, don’t use so much mayonnaise next time. You hear me Ashley? I need to drop you two off at Subway so you can learn to be a sandwich artist? Christ.