Glee Looks Like A Really Sexy Show

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I’ve never seen one episode of Glee, but every time I write about it, I’m told there’s a lot of hot women on it. Well, I shouldn’t say “hot”. I should say “fabulous”, because gay guys don’t have the best taste in women. Like Lea Michele for instance. The same Lea Michele who looks like she’s here because Joy Behar fucked a Jewish mountain goat who’s always been uncomfortable with his nose so he’s considering rhinoplasty. She also has bangs. Sure, she has talent I guess, but so does the homeless guy on Glenwood who can pick up a quarter off the ground with his teeth. That doesn’t necessarily mean he should be in Maybelline commercials.

Lea Michele at the FOX Fall-Eco Casino Party in California. I have no idea what any of that means. They play Three Card Poker to help the environment?