Kim Kardashian Is Overpriced

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Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J is currently on the market for $30 million. Pornhub disagrees. TMZ reports:

With the possibility looming that the Kim Kardashian sex tape could be shelved for good, a porn website has come forward with a plan to do the exact opposite — they want to buy the rights to the tape and put it online … for free!!! As TMZ first reported, a mystery buyer has approached Vivid Entertainment (which owns the rights to the tape) in an effort to buy it and remove it completely from the market. But now, which bills itself as the largest adult website on the planet, wants in on the action. In a letter to Vivid head man Steven Hirsch, the site says they are willing to offer $5 million for the tape … considerably less than the $30 million Hirsch is asking for. The site — which is 100% free — says they “respectfully disagree” with Hirsch’s value of the tape, stating they feel the DVD market is “dying” and online is where it’s at. No word yet on whether Hirsch would consider the offer.

Why would anyone pay five cents for this shit, let alone $5 million? If someone wants to watch Kim Kardashian have an orgasm, they can just take her picture. And if someone wants to watch someone else get pissed on a black dude, they can just ride the New York City subway.