Marc Anthony Isn’t An Infidel

You don’t say. Radar Online reports:

Marc Anthony, in his first interview since splitting with Jennifer Lopez earlier this summer, laughed off a series of tabloid rumors implying he slept around on his beautiful ex. “It was a flight attendant, it was the pilot — I heard it was this guy sitting next to me in a rehab in Houston. I’ve heard it all,” Anthony joked to ABC’s John Quinones about the myriad of rumors that have cropped up, attempting to explain why the celebrity marriage didn’t last. “People are trying to peg it on things because it was so shocking. “It was like, it must have been something,” Anthony, 42, said in a preview of Thursday’s Nightline interview that aired on Good Morning America. “It wasn’t something sensationalistic.” The I Need To Know singer told Quinones that the split was relatively drama-free, as both he and J.Lo knew it just wasn’t meant-to-be. “It was a realization on both our parts,” he said. “It wasn’t shocking. These things happen. It’s a decision that we made jointly. And that’s how I’ll answer that.”

Marc Anthony probably didn’t cheat, but not because he didn’t want to–because he couldn’t. I don’t care how loaded he is. If I saw that in a bar, my first instincts would be to keep him as far from water as possible and to kill whoever fed him after midnight.