Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Reception Was Shut Down By Police

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Yeah, so back to that BET thing. Digital Spy reports:

The reality star married the basketball pro yesterday at a luxury estate in Montecito, California, but their plans for an all-night after-party were scuppered when the city’s fire marshal ordered them to switch off their music. The event was expected to continue until 4.30am, but the marshal arrived just after midnight to act on noise complaints from local residents…However, it is believed that a small group of friends and family continued to party until about 1.30am, at which point guests ventured to hotels in Santa Barbara hired out by Kardashian and Humphries.

I’m not sure really why that happened. Because the residents of Montecito love NBA players and a drunk felon with no regard for the law. I’m surprised the SWAT team didn’t ride in on bears.

Note: In case you missed it, the article goes on to say “The newlyweds have reportedly decided to skip their honeymoon due to work commitments”. I can understand that, because we all know there’s no money to be made in a honeymoon.