Blame The Black Guy

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Kim Kardashian got married last night, sold the photos to People, and will televise it on E! in October. In case you forgot why she was famous, look above. Oh, and read this from Radar.

Rapper Ray J is taking credit for all the worldwide interest in Kim Kardashian. The rapper who “co-starred” with Kim in an infamous sex tape, texted her a message that said just that, is exclusively reporting. “And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)” a source tells us Ray J texted the bride! This isn’t the first time Ray has taken credit for Kim’s success. Earlier this year, he told an interviewer he had “created” her. A graphic sex tape of the two was leaked in February, 2007, and Vivid Entertainment jumped in with plans to professionally release it. Kim filed a $5 million lawsuit against the porn company. The parties settled for an undisclosed amount.

I’m happy that Ray-J’s admitting his guilt. To be fair, he had accomplices OJ Simpson and Ryan Seacrest, but they’re both already imprisoned–one in jail, one in the closet.