This Wasn’t One Of The Three Dresses

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Kim Kardashian is getting married tonight, but not in this dress. I just fell asleep. From E! Online (of course):

We’re sure the E! reality star thought the gesture was supernice and thoughtful. However, it seems the twins have different style, because K.K. was quick to let us know that she is planning to wear something totally different to tomorrow’s big festivities. “Ummmm not quite what I would wear, but ok! LOL. I honestly had no idea that they were doing this at Madame Tussaud’s until I saw it on Twitter!” she wrote on her blog.

If she doesn’t like her wax figure (which, oddly, looks more human than her own face at this point), she should be economical about it. There’s probably still time to melt it down to use on her and her sister’s mustaches before the limos arrive.