Jennifer Love Hewitt Didn’t Get A Rose

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I assume you’ve all been reading this site for a while, so there’s really no need to get into how Jennifer Love Hewitt makes even Jennifer Aniston uncomfortable with her desperation and never ending pasta bowl of need and insecurity with men. So when rumors starting floating around that she was dating the guy who didn’t win The Bachelorette, Ben Flajnik, people believed it. But Hewitt went on Ryan Seacrest’s morning show yesterday to emphatically say she’s still single. And that she’s in no way dating Ben Flajnik. She’s not. Seriously. She just flew to Sonoma where he lives and works and ran into him totally by chance the day she landed. That’s completely normal. Us Magazine reports:

Is Ashley Hebert’s second-best good enough for a Hollywood star? Maybe! Ben Flajnik didn’t get the final rose on The Bachelorette, but he did score a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt! Wednesday on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, the actress opened up about her “chance encounter” with the 28-year-old winemaker. During the show’s August 1 finale, Hewitt, 32, tweeted that she needed to “book a flight to Sonoma,” which is where Flajnik lives and works. The actress explained her cyber-flirting to Seacrest, saying: “I was looking for something pop culture to tweet about… Things got blown out of proportion… I have nothing to say except I’m totally single!” Seacrest’s cohost, Ellen K., asked the Can’t Hardly Wait Star: “Did you make out with [Ben]?” Hewitt laughingly answered that “Rumors are rumors… We did meet, but totally by coincidence.”

I’m just gonna rip the bandaid off here, and say Jennifer Love Hewitt is stalking Ben Flajnik. She probably wasn’t even off the plane before she had decided on the reception dinner menu. Because she enjoys food at great deal, you see.