This Chick Is Stalking Kanye West

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Maybe her talent was bunny boiling. The New York Daily News reports:

Has Miss Universe Albania 2010 become Miss Albatross 2011 to Kanye West? Or is she the one who’s being hassled? A source in Angela Martini’s camp claims a “disgruntled (but media-savvy) ex-hanger-on” and “suspected stalker” of the Albanian beauty queen has been using “pseudonymous identities and e-mail addresses” to send out “false stories” about her obsession with the hip-hop star. These emails, according to the source, are being investigated by the NYPD and D.A.’s office. We were the recipient of one of those emails, and the thing is, at least some of the information contained in it, checks out with independent known sources. As we first reported last May, Martini, 25, and West dated earlier this year.

The dapper rapper has since moved on, but Martini, it seems, has not. According to the anonymous tipster, the hottie is still infatuated with West. Martini allegedly even “visited a fortune teller to see if she will be with” West in the future.” And when she didn’t get the answer she wanted, the tipster wrote, “she had a fit and stormed out.” After claiming Martini has also been telling people that she and West “are in love” and will one day be “married and have caramel babies,” the tipster noted that Martini’s modeling agency here, Elite, had ended its relationship with her. When we ran this last part by the model agency, an Elite rep confirmed that the company had parted with the 5-foot-10 beauty last Monday. Another insider, who has provided us with accurate information about Martini in the past, says the fortune teller incident is accurate and adds that Martini crashed the CFDA awards in June in hopes of encountering West. (The rapper presented an award to Celine designer Phoebe Philo.) Martini was unsuccessful in her quest. Yet another source who knows Martini tells us: “Angela is definitely still obsessed with Kanye,” and upset that the hip-hop star is rumored to have “moved on.”

The most shocking thing about this story is that the psychic was accurate and this chick didn’t ask for March Madness picks or Powerball numbers. But at the end of the day, we create our own destiny. I can’t help but wonder if the fortune teller’s answer would’ve been different if Angela started herself on Chaz Bono’s hormone therapy.