This Guy Might Get Paid To Pose Nude

In case you’re wondering why Playgirl never really took off, TMZ explains further.

He was Jennifer Lopez’ first husband … her first divorce — and now, nearly 15 years later, he’s a few signatures away from becoming J.Lo’s first ex to whip it out for Playgirl magazine. A rep for the adult rag tells TMZ, it’s true … Ojani Noa and Playgirl are currently hammering out a deal for J.Lo’s first ex to appear in the magazine — but ONLY if he agrees to go full-frontal. And as long as Playgirl ponies up, that shouldn’t be a problem — Ojani tells us, “If the money is right, especially for full nude, then I would be flattered to pose for Playgirl.”

I know Todd will probably be surprised at this, but I won’t be picking this up. Listen, sometimes when I’m drunk, I do things (read: “Hispanic men”) that I regret, but all the Jameson and gin in the world won’t make me want to see the lovechild of Gerardo and Groucho Marx naked.