Lady Gaga, A Drug Addict, Still Talking About Another Drug Addict

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Tuesday on The View, Lady Gaga said “the world killed Amy Winehouse”. And because cocaine gives you stupid ideas you think are brilliant, Gaga did an interview with Rolling Stone and basically said Amy Winehouse is in heaven and the world needs to learn a lesson from her death. Uh, don’t do horse tranquilizers and heroin? That’s what I took from this whole thing.

“It really affected me quite deeply,” she said. “Isn’t it strange to say ‘She is,’ and now I have to say ‘She was?’ I’m just really glad that we got to admire her and tell her how much we loved her when she was alive. I hope she knows now in Heaven, where she is, how much we all loved her.” Everybody was apprehensive as to how it was going to go,” he said. “But she was really the best of all the young artists that I met in the current scene in the last 10 or 15 years. She was really singing true jazz. It’s just too tragic. I wanted to talk to her and tell her that if she doesn’t stop she’s going to die. I wanted to talk her out of the drugs, but unfortunately I never had a chance to talk to her.” “She’s really special. She just gave me a lot of hope and she deserved a lot better than what people gave her. And I hope that the world learns a lesson from this. I really hope they do. Because it’s not her lesson to learn – it’s the world’s.”

Oh, you see that? She tried to help Amy. She tried to reach out to her but she just never had the time. I guess she was just too busy gluing a unicorn horn to her head or cutting off a bat’s wings so she could use them as eyelashes. Or maybe she was busy trying to get Leonardo DiCaprio to infiltrate Madonna’s mind to see if there was anything else she could use. All that stuff takes time, you know. I’m just glad she found the time to talk about how she felt about Amy in front of a microphone after Amy died. That’s Gaga. Always looking out for others.