Lindsay Is Being Sued By Somebody Else Now

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During Lindsay Lohan‘s house arrest, she paid her debt to society by partying and having a $1,100 custom stereo system installed in her Venice apartment. But since Lindsay is a thief and kleptomaniac drug addict and alcoholic who’s more cash poor than Haiti, the installer, Stephen Clark, installed the stereo then never heard from Lindsay again. TMZ has transcripts of their email correspondence. Man, look at that! Here it is!

Clark: Hi Lindsay! Well, I sent you two invoices and several BBMs and texts. I have never heard back from you. So I guess you just aren’t going to pay for my labor or your equipment. I am sorry, but I cannot let that much money go.”

Lindsay: “Sorry!!I will have it to you this wk! I’m changing business managers and such so I’m trying to handle it asap.”

*Clark waiting for “ASAP”* *crickets*

Clark: “You’re a RECOVERING addict who goes to the santa monica probation dept. Should I share this as well?” And Clark continued, “You’re a born druggie!”

I’m sure Lindsay’s excuse will hold up in court. Because every small claims court judges know that Lindsay’s business manager has a key around his neck to Lindsay’s vault, and if Lindsay tried to go to an ATM cyborg pumas are trained to kill her. And if Lindsay tries to write a check then she’ll be cursed by a gypsy. Then werewolves will kill her family. These werewolves can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until her family are dead! C’mon, everybody knows this.

Update: Hey! She paid! It took a while because the only ATM that would take her card is in Mordor.