Lindsay Wants “A-List Roles With No Nudity”

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It must be great living inside Lindsay Lohan‘s mind. It seems like such fun and happy place where the real world doesn’t exist. Showbiz Spy reports:

LINDSAY Lohan is having a hard time keeping her clothes on. The troubled star is said to be frustrated at the number of “sleazy” roles she’s being offered as she goes about rebuilding her acting career. “Lindsay has been offered a lot of movie roles but not many of the kind she really wants,” explains a source close to the Hollywood bad girl. “Almost all of them have been B-movie roles which require some element of nudity. Lindsay wants to prove herself as a serious actress. She’s desperate for a role that puts her back on the map in Hollywood but she wants to expose her acting talent — nothing else — if possible.”

If she wants a role that puts her back on the map in Hollywood, maybe she try “Chick Who Doesn’t Wake Up With Cocaine In Her Hair”. Or “Person Not On Probation”. Or “Girl Who Puts Ketel One Bottle Down”. Not sure, but I think those might help.