Lindsay Is Being Sued For Assault And Battery

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Last December at Betty Ford during Lindsay Lohan‘s sixth trip to rehab, Lindsay assaulted a staff member after she had the nerve to ask Lindsay why she was sneaking back in through a window and smelling of alcohol. Since Lindsay has been on probation for 20 years, the Palm Desert Police Department launched a complete investigation and wanted the DA to pursue. But just before Holland was to testify, Lindsay had Dina pawned some of the shit she stole and paid Holland $25K to keep quiet and refuse to cooperate with police. Now she wants $1M more. TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan dished out 8 to 10 seconds of pain when she attacked a Betty Ford employee last year … so says the alleged victim who’s filing a lawsuit against the actress — but her story appears to have one MAJOR inconsistency. Dawn Holland — who now goes by Dawn Bradley — is all set to file the legal docs today … in which she claims Lohan was combative and violent when she tried to give the actress a breathalyzer test at the rehab center back in December … after Lohan had allegedly snuck off the property to go boozing. In the lawsuit, Holland claims Lohan grabbed her right wrist and began “twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds.” But here’s the rub — back when Dawn filed her initial incident report with the BFC, she NEVER mentioned the wrist grab … even though the rest of her story syncs up perfectly. Holland — who was eventually fired from Betty Ford Center — claims she suffered “great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering” from the alleged assault and battery. Dawn is demanding AT LEAST $1 million to make things right. We contacted Lindsay’s lawyer. So far … no comment.

Does Lindsay even have a million dollars? I can’t imagine Dawn Holland wants to walk down the street pushing a wheelbarrow full of quarters and a Vietnamese baby Lindsay took from a stroller.