Jennifer Lopez Cheated On Marc Anthony With This Guy

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You already know that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split up, because Lopez couldn’t let the weekend go by without being the complete center of attention (she probably tried to get the US/Japan soccer game rescheduled), but her marriage is allegedly over because she was banging the co-star of her music video, “I’m Into You”, William Levy. During the video, Lopez and Levy fornicate on screen. After the video, Levy separated from his wife of 8 years and Lopez ended her marriage with Marc Anthony. Hmmm, I wonder if those two things are related somehow? Yes. Yes, they are. HollywoodLife reports:

Jen seemed enamored with William when they he starred with her in the “I’m Into You” music video, could they have become more than friends? Jennifer Lopez‘s split from Marc Anthony came as a shock to many, and it seems like it may be former costar William Levy who Jennifer is now seeking solace with. William, 30, could not help but gush about working with Jennifer and left his wife of eight years in May. Interesting. Furthermore, there are rumors that William’s infidelity led to his split from his wife, actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

Wow. For an unsubstantiated rumor, Levy’s rep sure is denied this really fast. Which of course means it’s totally and completely true. TMZ reports:

The guy at the center of the affair rumors is telenovela star William Levy — aka the Cuban Brad Pitt — who recently separated from his wife AFTER shooting the music video with Lopez. But Levy’s rep tells TMZ William and J.Lo are NOT an item … saying, “The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been.” J.Lo and her husband Marc Anthony released a statement on Friday saying they are ending their marriage.

It’s really no secret that Jennifer Lopez is a megalomaniac despite having only a fat ass and no discernible talent. And it’s also no secret that Marc Anthony died in 1999 and was brought back to life by a Mexican ritual involving the blood of two blonde children. And possibly a goat. He also allowed his daughter to get kidnapped in Man on Fire. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m having a hard time giving a fuck about this story.