Jennifer Aniston Is Already “Suffocating” Justin Theroux

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Man, that didn’t take long. I think she just broke her own record. Star Magazine reports:

Justin reaches out to ex Heidi Bivens after hearing she was spotted with another man — is Jen destined for another heartbreak? Jennifer Aniston‘s latest romance with actor and write Justin Theroux may be over almost as quickly as it started — he is already seeing his ex Heidi Bivens again! Star reports, “Justin and Heidi secretly met on Father’s Day, and Justin spent most of their time together apologizing for acting like a cad.” Uh-oh Jen! One person who may not be surprised by Justin’s devious ways is Jen’s best friend Courteney Cox, who apparently warned her pal about her new man. “Courteney has begged Jen to dump Justin,” a friend tells the magazine. Courteney may be right too! “[Justin’s] already complaining how Jen is suffocating him, so suddenly he’s wondering if he broke up with Heidi too quickly.”

Jennifer Aniston is notoriously clingy and desperate, so of course this was gonna happen eventually. In Jennifer’s defense, if men don’t want to be forced to help pick out a reception menu while they wait in the car when she’s walking the red carpet, then when exactly is a good time? Huh?! The world doesn’t revolve around you, sir.