Rihanna’s Stage Caught On Fire In Dallas

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Jess is on her way to Japan to tour with/get gangbanged by The Jonas Brothers if the The Jonas Brothers were from New Jersey and sounded like a Lady Gaga cover band and sang songs about the importance of dance floors for sexin’, so you’re gonna have to deal with me this weekend. So, yeah. sorry about that. Oh, but speaking of tours, Rihanna took her LOUD! Tour to Dallas’ American Airlines Center last night where she ran offstage when the pyrotechnics during the end of her song “California King Bed” set the stage on fire. Really? I’ve read Rihanna talk. She should have foreseen this happening in the cards. Or crystals. Or whatever voodoo shit they do at that place she’s from. That place with the huts. Oh, please. I watch horror movies. I know what goes on over there.

Source = OTND