Lindsay: Nobody Should Be In Jail “Unless You’re A Killer”

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People form their opinions and beliefs based on how much it will benefit them? Get outta here. That’s just nonsense.

Asked what she thought of her sentence, Lindsay said: “Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there. I never hurt anyone but myself.” Lindsay says she wants to put all her problems behind her and concentrate on her acting career, after signing up to appear in mob movie ‘Gotti: Three Generations’. She told Vanity Fair Italy: “In October, I’ll begin work. I hope to spend next year on set.”…”I think that being young and in the position that I was in you don’t really take the time to appreciate what you have. It was all a whirlwind but I’m not a kid anymore I’m 24 and I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I feel like if I can just stay focused I can achieve what I want to achieve.”

When Lindsay kills somebody, I’m sure she’ll say she was misquoted but whatever. Writing about this bitch is exhausting. Because when you hear her talk she’s always just right around the corner. If she can just have the time do [insert hopeful life affirming phrase/action verb here] she can turn her life around because acting is her life and [title of movie she’ll eventually be dropped from] will show people that she’s an amazing actress and if [the media/her parents/an unfair legal system/paparazzi] would just leave her alone, she could live her life. Instead of that, maybe when a reporter asked her a question, she could just say, “biscuits panda flashlight phone charger javelin.” That way, she could fully drive the point home that her words are meaningless. Unless, you know, that word is “cocaine”.