Lady Gaga Is Easy To Kill

Can someone please get on this? Page Six says:

Ever-dramatic Lady Gaga believes her costumes are as much a crucial part of her being as her vital organs. Explaining her penchant for her extravagant costumes, wigs and outlandish makeup, Gaga says: “If you were to ask me to remove my Philip Treacy hat at a party, in truth it’s the emotional and physical equivalent of requesting I remove my liver.”

This might be Lady Gaga’s way of hinting to aim for the head, which was sort of a given. Just don’t stop with removing her hat, because I know pretty well that a functioning liver isn’t entirely necessary for survival. If someone can siphon all the money she gets from gay lemmings, that should be enough to stop her heart, and if anyone ever cut off her access to Madonna’s Truth or Dare footage, that would be the emotional and physical equivalent of a .22 to her brain stem. Or if someone can just set her on fire, that would, at worst, be an improvement.