Jennifer Aniston Is A Great Girlfriend

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Jennifer Aniston‘s publicist has done everything but take out a billboard to let everybody in the world know that she’s now dating Justin Theroux, so you’d think that at the premiere of her new movie Horrible Bosses, she’d want to walk the red carpet with her new boyfriend for the first time. But then you realize we’re talking about Jennifer Aniston and walking down the red carpet with her boyfriend would mean that it wouldn’t be completely about her and only her. Mail Online reports:

There may be an excitable buzz surrounding Jennifer Aniston and her new romance. But last night she made sure that the focus was firmly on her as she posed alone on the red carpet at the premiere of her new film. Boyfriend Justin Theroux wasn’t far behind though – he waited patiently in the car as Jennifer, 42, slipped out and dashed through the traffic to make her grand entrance.

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