Charlize Theron Never Wants To Get Married

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Although she’s been a strong proponent for gay marriage before it was cool, Charlize Theron says she can never see herself getting married. If I had to guess, it’s because marriage is an archaic and unnatural act perpetuated by women so they can live out their princess fantasy they’ve had since they were kids and get a huge rock to show their friends. Or something like that. No, mostly just that. People reports:

“I really want for myself a long-term relationship, and I have been in long-term relationships,” Theron, 35, tells Piers Morgan in an interview to air Thursday on CNN. “That’s the kind of union that I want. The actual ceremony is not something that is important to me, but I see the importance for other people.” Asked if she sees herself ever getting married, she replies: “I don’t … I treat my relationships like marriages, I really do.” Marriage, she adds, was “never something that was important [to me].”

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because Charlize Theron is basically a bro trapped in the body of a South African supermodel who just wants to chill like this when she’s not making movies. She kept Stuart Townsend on the hook like she was Leatherface for nine years until waking up one day and saying, “Meh, I’m over it. Later.” She didn’t really seem to care. Probably because the weed is so good in California.