This Thing Is Supposedly Cutest Baby In The World

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The entire Kardashian family truly believe that they are the most beautiful creatures walking the planet, except one is a primate and one has a gigantic ass and I think one of the younger ones has horns. Anyway, so of course when one of them has a baby (this waterhead freak), then OMG he’s the just the most CUTEST THING EVA!!! Except fuck no he’s not. KONG DISAGREE WITH TODD BABY CUTE I HAS HUG HIM.

I just saw these adorable pics on Kim’s blog and I had to steal them. It honestly feels like forever since I’ve seen Mason and I was only on vacation for a week LOL. I miss him sooooo much! He really is the cutest baby in the world!

Seriously? This old shrunken Jewish man who needs a neck brace to hold up his giant head is the cutest baby in the world? Maybe when they found him underneath some rubble in Fallujah crying for his mommy because he might have been covered at dust, but at some point you have to realize he’s gonna grow up and live under an opera house.