Christina Hendricks: “It’s Hard To Find A Bathing Suit If You’re Fat Have Breasts.”

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In the new issue of Lucky Magazine, Christina Hendricks talks about how hard it is to find a bathing suit that fits because she has huge tits. Yep. I’m sure that’s the reason. Us Magazine reports:

Christina Hendricks loves her curvy shape — but that doesn’t mean she always loves dressing it. “I have to be careful about my proportions and keep it simple,” the Mad Men star, 36, tells Lucky’s August issue. “What works for me is structure and something that shows my waist.” The biggest problem, she says, is finding swimwear that flatters her figure. “It’s really hard to find a bathing suit if you have breasts,” she explains. “You either get smooshed down or there’s no support. My husband [Geoffrey Arend] and I have sketched out designs.”

Right. Her tits are the problem. Because it’s rare that you see chicks with huge tits able to find a swimsuit that fits. You know, except for here, here, here, here, or millions of others pictures you can find by Googling “chicks with big tits in bikinis”. Christina Hendricks looks like this and this in a swimsuit. So, instead of being “careful about my proportions”, she should be more careful about her portions in the velociraptor cage. That way she won’t have to watch Little Mermaid and sketch the thing that the lady who stole Ariel’s singing voice wore.

Oh, btw. This picture was taken two days ago. Just throwing that out there: