Jennifer Aniston Got Inked

Jennifer Aniston got a tattoo on her foot, which some speculated was a tribute to her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux. Almost. E! Online says:

Jennifer Aniston’s brand-new ink wasn’t inspired by her bad-boy boyfriend after all. Instead, her very first tattoo is a tribute to the other love of her life, the 42-year-old actress confirmed to E! News. So whose name is permanently etched on the inside of her right foot? Norman. That’s the moniker of Aniston’s beloved dog, who died this spring at the age of 15. “Norman” is also the answer she tearfully gave Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton when he asked “What is your favorite word?”—one of his trademark questions—during the show’s taping Thursday. Aw.

So while Angelina Jolie is covering her arms in geographic coordinates of her children’s birthplaces, Jennifer Aniston is making sure the one male who matched her endless need never really leaves her? Yep, that sounds about right. To be fair, it’s gotta be rough losing the one dude who didn’t run for the hills when she asked him to pee on all her hoarded Mr. and Mrs. Smith posters.