Rihanna Is Really Original

Except not. Radar Online says:

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to Rihanna there’s a couple of photographers who would beg to differ. The singer is facing another lawsuit over copyright infringement for her music video S & M – this time by photographer Phillip Paulus, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting. The internationally renowned fashion photographer alleges that Rihanna used his fashion series of photographs called Paperworld in her music video, without permission. Paulus says that the video is identical to his set and staging in his pictures. As Radaronline.com previously reported, Rhanna has already been sued once for the racy and controversial video. Another famed photographer, David LaChapelle, slapped the singer with a lawsuit in February, alleging that eight sequences in the S & M video were directly stolen from his photographs.

Meanwhile, Paulus himself says: “Why a worldwide celebrity is not able to afford a creative director, who creates individual concepts and staging’s, is incomprehensible for me. To create new things within the creative cosmos, you can only expect this to come from a real genius, there is no doubt about that. However, in this case there is no real genius who created their own work. Instead they stole ideas from a creative talent. Furthermore every other creative professional should realize how supremely embarrassing it is to copy the work of colleagues from the artistic world and then to be praised for it.”

Rihanna should know that true talent can be imitated, but never duplicated (without a lawsuit). She can’t sing very well live, her lyrics sound like they were penned by a pre-bootcamp promiscuous teen on Maury, and her fragrance smells like the stuff the cute little Hispanic woman uses to clean the bathrooms at my office. Nothing she’s ever done hasn’t been done better already by other artists. Artists like David LaChapelle and Philip Paulus, sure. But Ronald McDonald and Tina Turner came to mind first.