Lindsay Lohan Tested Positive For Alcohol, Violated Her Probation

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In an interview in today’s Life & Style, Lindsay Lohan said that “alcohol is not in my house, so it’s just not a part of my life”. Just wanted to point that out. Radar Online reports:

Lindsay Lohan has violated the terms of her probation by testing positive for alcohol on June 12 or June 13, and has been ordered to appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner at the LAX Airport Courthouse tomorrow morning for a probation violation hearing, has exclusively learned. “Lindsay tested positive for alcohol. The judge in her DUI case, Judge Elden Fox said she couldn’t consume any alcohol while on probation. The probation department has prepared a report, and Lindsay will be in court tomorrow,” a source close to the case tells us. Further complicating Lindsay’s woes, the electronic monitoring company doing her house arrest, doesn’t want to continue to do so. “They don’t want to continue to monitor since they have been notified that Lindsay violated terms of her probation. The drinking occurred while Lindsay was under house arrest,” the source tells us.

You could get pregnant right now, pound shots for nine months, deliver the baby, then let a horse kick it in the head after you held it under water for 5 minutes and it still wouldn’t be as fucking dumb as this bitch.

Oh btw, guess when this happened.