Rihanna Is Back With Chris Brown. Oh Joy.

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Not to let a little misunderstanding get in the way of sending dick pics and secretly fucking each other, Rihanna and Chris Brown are basically back together now. Popeater reports:

“You got that pic I sent you?” That’s the tweet that is going to be heard ’round the world this week. Chris Brown shot the 140 characters or less over to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna over the weekend, but removed the post — most likely meant for Direct Message via Twitter — quicker than you can think of blinking your eye. Last month, Rihanna fans lit up the Internet disapproving of the ‘Loud’ singer’s decision to follow her abusive ex-boyfriend on Twitter. “Its f***in twitter, not the alter! calm down,” Rihanna responded to the backlash. Since then, their public interactions have gone the way of crickets chirping, until this latest flub on Brown’s part. While the message to Rihanna from Brown was removed quickly, fans were still able to snap a photo of the Twitter feed, which showed up on the not-too-trusty site MediaTakeout.com. The question — “You got that pic I sent you?” — is pretty ironic too, considering Rihanna and Brown have both had nude photos of them leaked to the ‘Net in the past, with many thinking the other was responsible for the unsolicited publicity.

Whatever. Chris Brown is a bitch, his fans are bitches, and Rihanna just lost any credibility she may have had with her new “empowered woman” bullshit. I like Reubens with extra sauerkraut in case anybody is wondering. I don’t know why I just said that. I just felt like I should keep typing but I really don’t know what else to add to this story.