Sara Jean Underwood Is Naked. On A Bike.

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Insane piece of ass Sara Jean Underwood was in Portland for World Naked Bike Ride, and she was nice enough to post these pics to her Twitter. I don’t know her personally, but it’s obvious from these pictures that she’s a lovely woman with many desirable qualities one would look for in a mate. You can just tell that she’s very intelligent, enjoys literature, adopting animals, and staying abreast of current affairs. She probably has a garden and volunteers at a homeless shelter. She more than likely has helped an at risk inner city youth learn how to read or fingerpainted in a pediatric burn ward. I hope that she never becomes jaded by the world so caught up her beauty instead of focusing on her contributions to make the world a better place. I also hope I’ve said enough nice shit so she’ll let me ejaculate on her stomach. That’s how that works, right? You say nice things to women and they let you cum on them? The DVDs I ordered guaranteed that I’ll be able to successfully talk to women in less than two weeks with their techniques.