Kirstie Alley Is Delusional

Kirstie Alley lost about 90 pounds and now claims to be almost Megan Fox’s size. No, really. The NY Daily News reports:

The only thing more shocking than Kirstie Alley’s dramatic weight loss is that she claims to be almost the same size as none other than Megan Fox. “My goal dress has a waist that’s 22 inches,” she told Life & Style. “I tried it on, and I can almost zip it up.” The svelte Fox, well-known for an extremely thin body, told the magazine she does indeed have a “22-inch waist.” And yet in recent photos, the two actress don’t even look remotely the same size.

It goes without saying that without a Flux Capacitor, genetic engineering, and gastric bypass, Kirstie Alley will never be the same size as Megan Fox. In the meantime, she either needs a mirror that didn’t come from a funhouse or remedial math. Last I checked, diameter and circumference aren’t the same thing.