Gabrielle Union Got Raped, Needs More Target Practice

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In Rihanna’s new video for “Man Down”, she supposedly shoots a man who sexually assaults her. That seems like it would be empowering to women until you realize Rihanna wanted to take Chris Brown back after he auditioned for Stomp The Yard 2 on her head. Long story short, Gabrielle Union thinks the video will get “the entire world talking about rape”. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Also, she got raped one time. Us Magazine reports

In fact, the 38-year-old actress thought the singer’s video “did a great job of getting the entire world talking about rape.” “I hope that it leads to healing and prevents rape,” Union tweeted Saturday. (Rihanna’s video depicts the singer shooting a man for sexually assaulting her.) Union’s very person impetus for discussing the controversial clip: the star herself was a victim of rape at age 19, she revealed. “A stranger who robbed the store I worked at. He put his gun down during the rape and asked me to hand it to him.” When that happened, Union “tried to shoot [her] rapist, but missed.” “Over the years I realized that killing my rapist would’ve added insult to injury,” she mused. “The desire to kill someone who has abused/raped you is understandable, but unless it’s self defense in the moment to save your life, it just adds to your troubles.”

Look, rape is a horrible thing. But so is being shot after you just raped someone. So I guess what we’ve learned here today is that if you rape Gabrielle Union, she won’t shoot you afterward. I don’t know if any of you already have somebody in mind, so I’m not trying to influence your decision. Just giving you something to think about.